About Us

Corporate Motto

“Our motto is to contribute to the society through our business enterprise ”.

Mission Statement

“Our objective is Pursuit of excellence in the field of automotive spare parts, supplies of heavy equipment, electronic appliances & building construction material, maintaining the highest standards of quality controls to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.”

Our Vision

“As a trading company dealing in heavy machinery supplies and technology, we aim to create new industrial value and want to be the first preference of our customers.”

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Core Values

Quality assurance:

“All dealings, Products rendered by Royal Trading JLT are assured to be of the highest level of satisfaction and the quality of goods is in line to our client's requirements and specifications.”


“Total business awareness in the field of trading of heavy equipment, automotive spare part (both new & old), electronic appliances & building construction materials are offered by us. A large informative system & resources are used to source material and equipment from multiple manufacturers on affordable price. The company ensures that it maintains a competitive edge in pricing on market levels.”


“Our clients are our priority”

All requests and enquires are answered with utmost speed. One in- house specialized associate is dedicated to the task of monitoring progress on all requests and projects, customers looking for.


“Royal Trading JLT is not only responsive but also a responsible vendor. We stand behind all goods provided by us and ensure that all orders are handed over in time to meet promised delivery schedules.”